Heinviljoen Physio

Hein Viljoen Physiotherapy
Cape Town City Centre, Cape Town
Heinviljoen Physio

About project

Hein Viljoen Physiotherapy is a company based in South Africa that provides all sort of physical therapy services. They specialize in sports injuries, post-operative rehabilitation, spinal manipulations, women’s health and orthopedic conditions.
Inicio gave the brand a full revamping package. The brand formally had a one-pager website which gave us even more of a challenge to work with.

Our Workings

We firstly worked with the homepage of the website and gave it a complete transformation. We made it more innovative and creative while adding in more responsive design elements. When you scroll down on the homepage you find an illustration of an anatomical illustration of the muscle system in the human body, this interactive feature helps the clients to pinpoint their injuries and discuss more about them in detail with the therapists.
We personally took all the photos provided on the website to give as much of an authentic touch to the brand due to its medical nature. This helped to convey an organic message to any patients looking for information online. Then we proceeded to give them all the write-ups needed and content, making sure everything matched with the tone that the client wanted their patient to feel when visiting the site. It has the medical professionalism yet the welcoming tone to comfort the patients.
We also added various other pages to the website to change it from its formal state of one-pager and made it more interactive. Pages like testimonials and E-book in the patient corner to make it as accessible as possible.

Challenge & Solution

While we did face some technical difficulties in the first few stages, it is safe to say the project in itself was a huge success and our client was left feeling extremely satisfied. We garnered amazing results as the website ranked first on Google search in the first week of launching.

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